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”Incident”, solo show 2016

08/03/2016 | By |

“Incident” is the first exhibition of the work of Maria Polyzoidou in Germany. Her paintings inscribe themselves in the tradition of realism. She shifts the adherence to the representational, however, by adopting forms of digital image production; conversely, she counters those forms with an impenetrable rendering. The technical dimension is mirrored in the chromatic saturation of the canvas without the slightest expressive gesture; a subtle colourism responds to the digital manipulation of colour, and the combination of heterogeneous pictorial elements to form an unalterable unity transforms the boundless availability of images. Polyzoidou draws from her archive of personal images as well as from the vast stock of images circulating on the web. Whereas intimate pictures are dissociated from the person and claim public visibility, anonymously produced and generally accessible images are conceded unique meaning. Polyzoidou’s painting makes reference to the spheres of the private and the public, the virtual and the corporal – every painting is a momentary concretization of an unstable and destabilizing interface between the various realms. Read More

Thoughts on projects and the work of Maria Polyzoidou

15/11/2014 | By |

Maria Polyzoidou was born and raised in Belgium. She moved to Greece in 1997 and studied art in A.S.F.A. She is part of a new generation of Greek artists working on the development and renewal of art, initiating a dialogue concerning current problematics that cover the whole range of the European culture. Read More

solo show 2013

08/11/2014 | By |

The artist in this body of work systematizes a method that allows the historical and pictorial event to coexist in a unique result. From the very beginning she defines herself simultaneously as the first viewer of the historical event and the painted image. Read More

solo show 2011

31/10/2014 | By |

In the painting of Maria Polyzoidou forms are vaguely distinguished as coming out of the mist, as if they were recorded in an old film that has been damaged and what once had volume, color, outline has remained a faded trace of memory and history.
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