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Maria Polyzoidou is a painter born (1973) and raised in Brussels. She moved to Athens in 1997 where she studied art in Athens School of Fine Arts. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

“Her paintings inscribe themselves in the tradition of realism. She shifts the adherence to the representational, however, by adopting forms of digital image production; conversely, she counters those forms with an impenetrable rendering. The technical dimension is mirrored in the chromatic saturation of the canvas without the slightest expressive gesture; a subtle colourism responds to the digital manipulation of colour, and the combination of heterogeneous pictorial elements to form an unalterable unity transforms the boundless availability of images. Polyzoidou draws from her archive of personal images as well as from the vast stock of images circulating on the web. Whereas intimate pictures are dissociated from the person and claim public visibility, anonymously produced and generally accessible images are conceded unique meaning. Polyzoidou’s painting makes reference to the spheres of the private and the public, the virtual and the corporal – every painting is a momentary concretization of an unstable and destabilizing interface between the various realms.”

Ulrich Loock

Maria Polyzoidou